Muggles Market Spotlight: Ambur Rose Designs

April 3, 2017 Wanda

Welcome to another Muggles Market Spotlight for 2017! Today, we are delighted to announce the return of Ambur Rose Designs to our second annual Muggles’ Market at this year’s Geek Gala. Ambur Rose took a few minutes to answer some questions about her business and general geekery. What was one of […]


Geek Short Film Festival Open for Submissions!

April 2, 2017 Joey

The 6th Annual Geek Short Film Festival (GSFF) announced that they are currently open for submissions as of April 2, 2017.   This year, the film festival will again be under the direction of Bill Mulligan.  This will be the second year that Bill has taken over the helm of […]


See The Seagull In A Whole New Light!

April 2, 2017 Joey

Stupid F*cking Bird updates Anton Chekov’s The Seagull in a modern and masterful way. Starneslord, Carol the Cat and I were thrilled to attend the opening night of Stupid F*cking Bird, the current production of Actors Theatre of Charlotte, directed by Chip Decker. The play is written by Aaron Posner, and is […]


VISIT NEW JERSEY! Or Just Go To Freedom Drive!

October 31, 2016 Joey

Looking for something fun to do?  Run to New Jersey!  What?  A little too far?  Have no fear – New Jersey is actually here on Freedom Drive, now through November 12th at The Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte (ATC). Last night, Starneslord, Carol the Cat and I went to see The […]


Cogito ergo Jazz Hands!

September 30, 2016 Sherman B

The Charlotte Geeks win Fabo’s Trivia night again! If the thrill of victory felt worse,this would be kind of tiresome. 😉 Congratulations to James and Luke! These are the categories for Thursday October 6th: Latin Words and Phrases. – Ipse dixit Broadway Musicals.  – media nocte dormiunt felidae Ben & Jerry’s Flavors : […]


It’s all about Red Carpets and Turnbuckles!

September 16, 2016 Sherman B

Another victory for Charlotte Geeks! Congratulations to Luke,Sean and Tony! On Thursday,September 22nd 2016 after 7:45 PM  these will be the categories: Golden Age of Hollywood Wrestling Famous Phrases and Who Said Them.  Come on out for Trivia Night at Fabo located in Quail Corners Shopping Center. 8428 Park Road, Charlotte, N.C. […]

Tunisia ComiCon 2016

ComiCon: Tunisia – Day 1

September 2, 2016 Micah P

ComiCon: Tunisia – Day 1 It’s always special to be in attendance and to witness the birth of something that you hold so dear in your heart.  I have been afforded this luxury by being in Tunisia and blessed enough to be able to attend a ComiCon in a country […]


Gaming Review: KHOLAT

August 26, 2016 Micah P

Overview and Basic Game Play You are plucked down in the middle of a deserted town center.  The snow is whipping you in the face.  A train track on your left, you are confused and wonder where to go.  There are no signs of life and you are feeling the […]

To the Moon

Gaming Review: To the Moon

August 18, 2016 Micah P

Overview and Basic Game Play To the Moon is an independently developed game by Freebird Games.  It’s an engrossing game that mixes elements of classic RPG’s from the past into one and adds both a touching story and a great backing soundtrack as well. The premise of the game is that […]


Eeeee…What’s up, Jack?

August 12, 2016 Sherman B

Well the Charlotte Geeks didn’t win this week. 🙁  But we have to let the other teams win sometimes. It makes them feel like they have a chance against us. 😉 These are the categories for the game on August 18th: Tim Burton Movies (This might include both versions of Frankenweenie) Looney Tunes (Friz […]

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