About Robert Ogden
Robert Ogden currently lives in Western North Carolina with his daughter and trusty Boxer and currently works from home as an IT Project Manager / Application Architect. Rob considers himself a ‘jack of all trades’ in the IT industry and has had the opportunity to work with many companies. Rob believes that you never too old to learn new things and prides himself in always learning. In his downtime while Rob loves reading and has been known to finish a 400 page novel in a few days (many late nights). Rob enjoys the outdoors including biking and white water rafting, and his ultimate goal is to become a writer.

Book Review: Ignite by Danielle Rogland

April 13, 2017 Robert Ogden

I just wanted to preface that I did receive a free copy of the e-book and this review is totally unbiased. Basic Plot This story is set two hundred years in the future in what is now known as New London and is currently being ruled by one man known […]