AHOY! Word-lubbers!


Another victory for Charlotte Geeks! Congratulations to Jeff and Matt!

On Thursday,August 11th 2016 after 7:45 PM  these will be the categories:

  • S.A.T. Vocabulary (Study up on all yer faincy book learnin’ for this one)
  • Famous Pirates ( Maybe piratical mascots and nautical terminology?)
  • 12 Shades Of Grey ( This is a total wildcard, it might be Gandalf, it might be grey-scaling)

Is keel-haul the mizzenmast a thing?

Come on out for Trivia Night at Fabo located in Quail Corners Shopping Center.
8428 Park Road, Charlotte, N.C.

As usual; in addition to bragging rights, the prize will be a $20 gift-card usable at Fabo.

If you plan on attending; it helps if you arrive early, as Fabo is not a capacious establishment*.

*Some S.A.T. words to help towards winning, you’re welcome. 😉