A new comic book twist, Painting My Life

Painting My Life Comic Book

I had the pleasure of reading a comic book preview by Canadian writer, filmmaker, and photographer Pasquale Marco Veltri.  You may not be familiar with Pasquale, neither was I, but I think he’s found a voice in comics.

Who is Pasquale Marco Veltri?

He is best known internationally for as a screenwriter and book of photography titled “Bypassing Light – Alleys of Rome.” Pasquale’s eye for visual storytelling serves him well with his new comic Painting My Life. He will have a 13-page print preview of Painting My Life at this year’s 23rd annual Fan Expo Canada.

What’s Painting My Life about?

I read a lot of comic books and it’s difficult to break new ground. Pasquale’s comic book manages to convey his vision to open a view into a world with the possibility of discovering hopes and dreams, as well as the excitement of unrealized strength and battling nightmares. In Painting My Life, the protagonist, Alice’s paintings actually come to life to protect her against reality. Alice’s paintings are both the cause of her nightmares and the solution to all her challenges. The beauty in the comic is Alice discovers how to use her newfound power to control her life. Imagine walking into one of your paintings and going on an adventure. Without being derivative Painting My Life is like a magnificent blend of the Illustrated Man, Alice in Wonderland, the animated TV show Gargoyles, and the film What Dreams May Come. Pasquale has already mastered the skill of sequential storytelling to show Alice’s struggle against gargoyles from her own paintings. As Alice grows in the worlds of her paintings she gain such strength. Alice’s journey is bet summed up in her own words, “My world, my rules”.

When can you get your hands on this treat?

Look for the complete comic book that will be showcased at the Toronto Comic Con 2018 and Fan Expo Canada 2018. I know I will.

More information about Pasquale Marco Veltri

Pasquale is an active member of the arts community and a productive contributor to the world of independent cinema and multidisciplinary art. His films have screened nationally and internationally in Canada, USA, Britain, France, Italy, and Egypt. He is a worldly soul and visual storyteller whose focus on character development is strongly represented in the intelligence and complexity of his works. http://www.pmveltri.com/

Pasquale Marco Veltri Awards/Accolades:

  • “Measuring Tape Girl” has screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Montreal World Film Festival.
  • “Words to Remember” won the Chris Award for Narrative at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival.

Listen to my podcast review of the comic book here!


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