5 Questions With: Angela Pritchett

AngelaCOOKBOOKAngela Pritchett is a costumer, author, YouTube host, Special FX makeup artist, actor, and educator. She has a degree in music education and a masters degree in Ethnomusicology, where she focused on Japanese Pop music and culture in America.

Angela is a host on the Youtube show “The Girls Who Waited”, the geek girl Youtube show about Doctor Who and more, with her fellow geek girl Lil.  She recently penned the unofficial Doctor Who cookbook for season 8 and has donated a copy to this year’s Geek Gala

AngelaOsgoodWhen she has down time Angela is generally playing with her cats and pug, watching a good horror movie or anime, playing whatever DS game or MMORPG she is currently obsessed with, she also occasionally sleeps. 

I recently caught up with Angela and she kindly answered the following 5 questions for us. 

1)      When did you first get in to Doctor Who?

I have been a Doctor Who fan since I was a young child. Where I grew up in Charlottesville, Va. We did not have cable so basic channels and PBS were what we watched. At that time Doctor Who was on every so often so my father and I would sit and watch it.

2)      What inspired you to write a cookbook for it?

I had been juggling the idea of writing a Doctor Who cookbook for a while, I actually put aside a different cookbook to go ahead and start on this one right after the first episode of series 8 aired last year. I also had a lot of encouragement from friends who thought the idea was a great idea and really talked me through finishing it! I am really happy with how the book came out, My artist Ginger Hosaley did a fantastic job on the artwork and the formatting of the book, and my artist for the back cover of the book Kara Dennison, did a fantastically cute image that really fit the mood for doing a cookbook based off of series 8. I could not have been happier with how it came out and the response I have received since releasing it!

You can find the cookbook on Amazon here!

3)      Tell us a little bit about The Girls Who Waited.

The Girls Who Waited is a Geek Girl Youtube show that my friend Lil and I do. We talk about Doctor Who, as well as TV shows, movies, books, and anything else geeky/nerdy we can think of. We are both huge Doctor Who fans (as well as other fandoms too) so we always enjoy getting to share what we love with others!

You can find the Girls on Facebook here and YouTube here!


4)      What other fandoms are you in to this year?

I am into Sooooooooo much. I love Star Wars, Comics (I read a lot of different comics from Marvel, to DC, to independents), I love a lot of the great cartoons on now like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time, I also love a lot of the great DC and Marvel shows on TV (which go back to my love for comics from those series),  There are so many other fandoms I am also in love with at the moment, but I could probably write an essay on all of them…..

5)      This year’s Geek Gala theme is Monster Mash – a tribute to the classics and the 80s – what classic Monster film would you want to be part of?

Oh wow, I love classic Monster and Horror movies. But my all-time favorite would have to be the Bride of Frankenstein for Classic Horror movies, it has just resonated with me since I first saw it as a child. As for 80’s Monster films, probably be Puppet Master, I have this thing for creepy dolls, and while they are puppets they still fit that mold of creepy dolls for me.



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