General Info for 2023: 

  • Date:  Sunday, February 5, 2023
  • Venue: Queens Sports Complex, 2229 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 (Marion Diehl Park)
  • Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM Rain or Shine
  • Setup/Breakdown:  Setup is 7 AM – 9:30 AM, Breakdown is 4 PM – 6 PM. Please plan accordingly.
  • Emergency Contact Information: [email protected] or 864.991.6034 (text when possible)


  • TABLES/TABLECLOTHS: Tables are NOT included with your space. If you did not pre-pay for a table, you must bring your own. Tablecloths are also NOT included with your space. Please make sure to bring one!
  • DON’T BE LATE: Setup must be completed by 9:30am so that I can do a safety/security check of the area to ensure that wheelchairs and others can walk through. If you are not present and set up by 9:30am, we may give your space away.
  • DECORATING CONTEST: We will award lunch for two for the best space presentation – either with a love or pirate theme!
  • CHARITY RAFFLE: We will again be doing an hourly raffle for attendees who donate food/cash to the Second Harvest Food donation table. Please bring your donations to the check-in table if you would like to participate.

What’s included with your space:

  • Free Wi-Fi for Payment Processing
  • 2 chairs per space (6′ tables are available for an additional fee – must be reserved in advance) Tablecloths are NOT included – please bring your own!
  • Load In/Load Out assistance
  • Free marketing and promotion of the event including featured spotlight of your business on our website and social media.

Space Layout and Sizes

  • Interior spaces (blue, with an I prefix) are approx. 6 x 7 but do not have easy access to power.
  • Exterior spaces (green, with an E prefix) are 6 x 6 and have wall access to power. (extension cords may be needed)
  • Please note: Although we will give every consideration and try to accommodate specific space requests, we ask for all artisans to be flexible. Careful planning goes into our layout to incorporate things such as aesthetic variety, traffic flow, cohesiveness, and general event ambience.
2023 Muggles Market Space Layout

2023 Muggles Market Space Assignments

Mirabelli StudiosE1|Angel's Mystical ArtifactsI15
Functional MudE2|Art by Joe LisiI29
E.B. SpiderE3|Athena Rae DesignI5
The Valkyrie's JewelE4|Bumblefly~N~ButterbeesI12
Celebrating the LightE5|Carey PotterE16
Wyldewood WondersE6|Carolina Fantasy AuthorsI20
Zombie SnottE7|Celebrating the LightE5
Greenvine GlassworksE8|Clearly Unique GlassI18
FairyNerdyE9|Davey BeauchampE13
Falstaff BooksE10|E.B. SpiderE3
Falstaff BooksE11|Elden Fragrances/ Kitschy Kat's CustomI34
Falstaff BooksE12|Elevated Sensory PlayI17
Davey BeauchampE13|FairyNerdyE9
Kinda Cute CreationsE14|Falstaff BooksE10
Lofty Crow StudioE15|Falstaff BooksE11
Carey PotterE16|Falstaff BooksE12
Wild Banshee Workshop/ Shirtless Jake's CreationsE17|Finding the Key TarotE18
Finding the Key TarotE18|Functional MudE2
Little Shop of HorrorI1|Gamma Rae GeekI8
Trolley WitchesI2|Geeky Pets and MeI7
Shepherd Shakespeare CompanyI3|Greenvine GlassworksE8
Sea Bear ArtI4|Greg Russell/ P3 Holistic HealthI23
Athena Rae DesignI5|Homebrew TinkeringsI25
Modern GoldfishI6|Jam’n Breads & Boards & MoreI24
Geeky Pets and MeI7|Just ChadI32
Gamma Rae GeekI8|K stenvall designI35
Pink Clouds ArtI9|Karen Nilsen, fantasy authorI21
Part Time Princess ShopI10|Kinda Cute CreationsE14
Sagemoon Hollow CreationsI11|KTeas LLC dba Moments In TeaI19
Bumblefly~N~ButterbeesI12|Leann M Retell/John OrtegaI22
The CraftHouseI13|Little Shop of HorrorI1
Silver AcornI14|Lofty Crow StudioE15
Angel's Mystical ArtifactsI15|Long Forgotten ForestI36
The Geeky PerlerI16|MajaNATIONI30
Elevated Sensory PlayI17|Mirabelli StudiosE1
Clearly Unique GlassI18|Misty MasseyI27
KTeas LLC dba Moments In TeaI19|Mocha Memoirs PressI26
Carolina Fantasy AuthorsI20|Modern GoldfishI6
Karen Nilsen, fantasy authorI21|Part Time Princess ShopI10
Leann M Retell/John OrtegaI22|Pink Clouds ArtI9
Greg Russell/ P3 Holistic HealthI23|Pops Pickle StandI31
Jam’n Breads & Boards & MoreI24|Sagemoon Hollow CreationsI11
Homebrew TinkeringsI25|Sea Bear ArtI4
Mocha Memoirs PressI26|Shepherd Shakespeare CompanyI3
Misty MasseyI27|Silver AcornI14
The Spooky StuffI28|The CraftHouseI13
Art by Joe LisiI29|The Geeky PerlerI16
MajaNATIONI30|The Spooky StuffI28
Pops Pickle StandI31|The Valkyrie's JewelE4
Just ChadI32|Treelight HeirloomsI33
Treelight HeirloomsI33|Trolley WitchesI2
Elden Fragrances/ Kitschy Kat's CustomI34|Wild Banshee Workshop/ Shirtless Jake's CreationsE17
K stenvall designI35|Wyldewood WondersE6
Long Forgotten ForestI36|Zombie SnottE7