2013 Geek Gala: Alien Invasion

The Aliens are coming!  The Aliens are coming!  As I’m writing this – it’s still 239 days away – but hey!  You can never be too prepared . . .

The 2013 Geek Gala: Alien Invasion will be Saturday, October 26th at the Charlotte Mariott Executive Park.

This year, we’ve got a few changes coming your way.  For starters, we switched to a new registration tool, Eventbrite.  We are really excited about it – especially our Accounting Geek, Chrissy.  She keeps drooling over all the cool reports and stuff you can use.

Ticket sales start on March 1st, with a special one-day sale for $20.  The code for that is VforMe.  If you miss it, make sure to scout around at conventions for our table – we’ll have some discount codes to give out to those who stop by.

Also, we are adding Tabletop Gaming to our afternoon activities.  So now you can spend the afternoon wandering back and forth between cool local geek films and games of I Drank What? and Munchkin.  How cool is that?

Finally, we are expanding to take over the WHOLE Grand Ballroom.  So less crowding, more elbow room, and I’ve heard your cries:  MORE FOOD.  It’s really rather exciting stuff, so if you haven’t already done so – you should really plan to come!

Oh, and you have to check out this really cool promo thing that our fellow Geek Alan made.  Not only is it cool, but the beat is totally addictive.  I’ve been dancing around to it all day.  So mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and for frakkin’ sake – GET YOUR GEEK GALA ON!


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