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5 Questions With Sue Smith of Comic Salvage

September 28, 2011 Joey

Sue Smith is the proprietor of ComicSalvage, an etsy shop that gives  vintage comic books a second chance. Her husband Chris is an illustrator and comic book artist. They met in art school 16 years ago and now have two boys. The oldest loves comics ( just like his dad ) so, Sue says she’s always surrounded […]

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DRIVE yourself to the theater. Now.

September 19, 2011 cltgeeks

Over the last year, I’ve come to really enjoy the work of Ryan Gosling. He was an actor that I never really got. I didn’t find his ticks and slow mumbling line delivery appealing in the least. Then something happened. I’m not sure if it was his performances or if […]


Hay, listen! Mikey Mason

September 18, 2011 cltgeeks

Mikey Mason is 100% white trash…which is odd since he’s also 100% RPGing, Firefly watching, XBOX playing, Muppet Babies theme show singing – geek.     Bonus video for those of you who missed him at Can’t Stop the Serenity.