Artist Wallway: Rich Sigfrit

Our Artist Wallway will feature 12 of our favorite artists and will display their original artwork and prints in an art gallery-style exhibitions sale that will run throughout the day at the Muggles Market. A small portion of each sale will go directly towards Geek Gala costs, with the rest of the sales going right back to support the artists.

We are excited to announce another featured Artist Wallway creator, Rich Sigfrit.

Who is Rich Sigfrit?

Described as “Adorably Naughty”, Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit is a minor internet celebrity, having been a podcaster, voice over artist, emcee, and impressionist for over 10 years. An innovator, he has been quoted in high school and college papers, Podcasting for Dummies, and Advanced Podcasting Tricks and is the first in many areas of Podcasting/New Media. He has been the voice of the North Carolina Performers Society, VaudeVillain Revue, Dr. Sketchy Raleigh, and numerous SciFi conventions on the East Coast. His dislikes are swirlies and wedgies, and his turn-ons are metal bikinis, goth girls, and Nathan Fillion dressed as Miss Piggy. He is also a fantastic artist.

About His Work

Sigfrit’s minimalist art style is irresistibly simple.

According to Rich, “I make all the art with imagination and rainbowcorns.  It’s a rainbow made of unicorns. They’re easy to capture when you use cupcakes made of love and kitten winks. Transporting them to the room where they are locked inside and whipped into creating the art is the tough part. Tiny harpoons tipped with scraps of Action Comics 1 is the only way. And since Nic Cage sold his, I don’t have access to one anymore.  Plus, rainbowcorn hooves don’t work a mouse very easily.

Don’t be pissed at me. Art is pain. Andy Warhol used orphans with hangnails, so I don’t wanna hear it.”

We are excited to see his art in person on Saturday, October 21st at this year’s Geek Gala.

See more of Rich’s work on his website: Check it out